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Add Some Grace to your Wedding!

Wedding planner Emily Grace Julaton truly lives up to her nickname, “Grace”. Despite getting rave reviews from brides, grooms, guests, venues and vendors alike, she prefers not to boast about her talents. Instead, Grace gets a deep – but quiet – sense of pride and satisfaction from providing excellent service to her clients, delivering their vision for their wedding day and developing great relationships along the way.

Emily Grace attended The International School of Hospitality (TISOH), earning an Executive Diploma in Hospitality Operations with an Emphasis in Wedding Coordination & Design. Through her studies at TISOH, she developed her strength in providing a “wow” experience, planning intercultural wedding celebrations, sticking to tight budgets and production schedules, scouting venues and much more. While enrolled at TISOH, Emily Grace also had the pleasure of completing an externship at Simply Weddings by Brit Bertino, gaining valuable wedding planning experience in the Las Vegas area and developing solid working relationships that benefit her clients to this day.

What makes Emily Grace stand out from other wedding planners is that she truly understands and honors each couple’s budget, tastes and needs. As she says, “Every wedding is different and every couple is different. They have different styles.” Emily Grace enjoys working with couples from many different backgrounds, including same sex couples. She is sensitive to the needs of each individual and couple and to the expectations that they each have for their wedding day.

Perhaps one of the most impressive things about Emily Grace is that despite her sweet demeanor, she’s ready, willing and able to challenge her clients when their wish lists get out of control compared to the funds that they have available for their wedding. She helps brides and grooms to separate out their wants versus needs and to get back on the right track with the wedding planning process. For example, if funds are getting tight, would you be okay with a d.j. versus a full band? These decisions can be difficult to make but with the help of a planner like Emily Grace, the picture becomes much more clear. She is able to steer the planning process in the right direction by focusing in on your top priorities and reminding you of the overall vision for the wedding.

For those of you that are still unsure about hiring a wedding planner, Emily Grace explains that the planner really helps you to tailor your specific budget to the options that will work for you (venue, day, season) and helps to provide education and guidance. During the initial consultation, you have a unique opportunity to pick the planner’s brain, get help in envisioning what you want from your wedding and determining what you want guests to take away as memories from your wedding. These things can be very difficult to accomplish on your own with the dizzying array of choices available in the Las Vegas region and beyond.

When asked what advice she would give to brides, Emily Grace replied,

“When you decide to get married, thinking about hiring a planner is a major decision. It’s good to have a planner to give you focus, advice and direction to avoid going over the budget. If hiring a wedding planner isn’t in your budget, consider getting a wedding coordinator to hand off the day-of coordination. It will make your wedding that much more memorable and stress-free.”

Of course, weddings rarely go off without a hitch. There are always a few parts of the well laid out plan that will go awry and if you don’t have a capable wedding planner or wedding coordinator at the helm, these mishaps may very well land on your shoulders. Being pulled aside from your wedding preparations and festivities to deal with delayed vendors, lost guests, or misunderstandings among the wedding party can seriously put a damper on your special day. Leave it instead to Emily Grace to troubleshoot issues as they arise. She understands event timelines in a way that few mere mortals do – the delicate chain of events that must occur in a carefully prescribed way so that the event runs on time and according to plan – and she isn’t afraid to address issues head-on.

Emily Grace is truly a natural at wedding planning. She thrives in the interactive process of planning weddings, in cultivating relationships and in creating spectacular and unique wedding celebrations. For a wedding that is as memorable and meaningful as the love that you and your beloved share, look no further than Emily Grace Julaton.

Originally posted at Glitter and Grace.

Emily Grace

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