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10 Oct · Emily Grace · 20 Comments

Wedding Venue Selection

Congratulations on your recent engagement! As you’re likely aware, choosing the venue for your wedding is one of the biggest decisions you’ll need to make during the planning process. Where to begin?

First, it is very helpful to have a season in mind for your wedding. In Las Vegas, peak wedding months tend to be April and May; therefore, if you’re looking to get married during that time frame, availability for your desired venue may be hard to come by. 

Instead, consider a non-peak month for your wedding, when the weather is typically quite amenable. October is also a popular month to get married but you might consider a winter wedding instead. Some fun ideas for winter nuptials include seating around a fire pit, and serving coffee, hot chocolate and warm s’mores shots to keep guests toasty.

Second, if you’re concerned about maximizing your wedding budget, choosing a weekday for your wedding is a great way to cut costs. This works very well when hosting out of town guests; not only flights are cheaper during the week, but a midweek wedding allows them to enjoy a few weekend days on their own before heading back home. Another benefit of a midweek and/or off-peak season wedding is that you may very well get additional attention and even unused space from your venue!

A third tip for making the most of your wedding venue selection is to think about a lunch or brunch time wedding as opposed to the evening. This option allows for some nice touches in terms of decor and dining. Also, it gives your guests the option to go out and enjoy some of Las Vegas’ many hot spots after the sun goes down and the night is still young.

Once you’ve gotten an idea of your time frame for the wedding, you’ll want to put some thought into what’s important to the two of you as a couple. Is it the arts? Beauty? Religion? The great outdoors? There are many options of wedding venues available to you in the greater Las Vegas area. If you cast a wider net to places that are “off the beaten path”, you’ll have even more locations available to you for your wedding!

How do you narrow down all of the choices for your wedding venue? A great way to do this is to meet with a wedding planner. Don’t be afraid that you are committing yourself to the first planner you meet with! Instead, consider the consultation as an opportunity to learn about the planner, to see if you “click” with them and what suggestions they have to offer for your upcoming wedding. It’s important that the planner really listens to your concerns, connects with the vision you have for your big day and offers creative ideas and solutions.

Emily Grace Events is happy to meet with you to discuss your upcoming wedding and to help you to make decisions that will work for your budget and timeline. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary consultation!

Photo: Ella Gagiano Photography
Venue: Hilton Lake Las Vegas

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